We advocate for a vital kind of Littleton:
convenient, connected communities (not sprawl); walking and rolling-friendly neighborhoods (that don’t center on driving cars for daily life); and abundantly available housing that’s within reach to all kinds of people (and not privileging single-unit residences over other kinds of homes). Join us! 

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Meet some of the faces
of Vibrant Littleton

We’re proud of our city and where our community is headed. We love meeting new people so please join us at our next Quarterly Gathering for a nibble, a beverage, and a chance to talk about all things Littleton. And feel free to send us your photo and we’ll add you to our Vibrant Faces of Littleton gallery!

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Our Mission

 Expanding available homes

Littleton needs more homes and more kinds of homes. The needs and desires of our residents are diverse, so we welcome diverse home types for diverse neighbors. We envision a Littleton that includes more walkable apartments, ADUs for grandma, and starter homes for young families.

 Creating incentives for adding affordable homes

A truly vibrant community has residents from all income levels and backgrounds. So we urge City Council to enact incentives (not penalties) to encourage new developments to increase the construction of affordable/attainable homes.

 Supporting local businesses

Local small businesses are one of our favorite things about Littleton. We support existing local businesses and celebrate the founding of each new one. This can include everything from spreading the word about new fun things, to speaking up at city council to advocate for policies and programs that help our local business community thrive.

 Updating building standards to allow for compact, mixed-use zoning

Compact development makes Littleton more walkable and accessible to residents and businesses of all kinds. An emphasis on spaces for people, not on spaces for private vehicles.

 Improving transportation options

Prioritize and fund safe and convenient walking, rolling, biking, and transit options within Littleton for better daily living. Put more homes for people near our transit, trails, and river bikeway.

 Protecting and adapting to our environment

Incentivize reductions to greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants while responding to the impacts already affecting our community from climate change. This includes an emissions audit, promoting low or zero-emission construction, transitioning to electric vehicle fleets, converting our grid to renewable sources and developing a framework for adopting new solutions quickly enough to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reduce them to zero by 2050.

As members of the Littleton community we look forward to working with city council and other civic leaders to sustain and strengthen the vibrant foundation of our great city.

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