By Jonathan Slater

I walk by the sports field that sits between Euclid Middle School and Options High School almost every day. This sports field is open to the public during non-school hours, hosting a variety of sports events. On the weekends, W. Euclid Ave becomes a giant parking lot of cars.

The north side of Euclid Ave is designated as a bike lane with No Parking signs posted the length of the sports field.

At a City Council meeting last year, Littleton Public Works Director Keith Reester and staff stated they hold weekly meetings with the Littleton Police Department (LPD) to gather street safety reports. Mr. Reester encouraged citizens to call the LPD non-emergency phone line to report and log issues concerning cars behaving badly. I took their advice and started reporting vehicles parking in the bike lane and on the sidewalk on the north side of W. Euclid Ave.

Car parked on sidewalk of Euclid Avenue, Littleton
PHOTO—A car uses the sidewalk to park their car. A common use for sidewalks in Littleton.

Since December 2023, I have made at least seven calls to LPD’s non-emergency phone line concerning cars parking in the bike lane and on the sidewalks on W. Euclid Ave. I call the non-emergency line, make the report, move on with my walk, and when I loop back to Euclid Avenue I see that nothing has changed. Earlier this month, I placed a call and within 10 minutes a police officer showed up and was seen talking with a group of people using the field and prompted them to move their cars. The next weekend, I had the same experience. I don’t think the police are issuing tickets but are educating instead. This last weekend, most of the cars were parked on the south side of the street designated for cars to park — a welcome improvement.

People forced into traffic lane on Euclid Avenue due to illegally parked cars.
People forced into traffic lane on Euclid Avenue due to illegally parked cars.

So take my advice when you see cars illegally parked in the City of Littleton: Call the LPD non-emergency number at 303-794-1551. The operator will ask for the issue, street and nearest cross street, car make, model, license plate along with your first name, sometimes they ask if you want a follow-up call.
I am not a huge fan of using this method, as it can be considered confrontational by some people. Unfortunately calling the LPD and filing a report is a tool that Littleton utilizes (or so we are told) to track issues.