Ways to Get Involved

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Join us in “Speaking for Ourselves”

We’re here to help elevate voices that welcome neighbors who want to share the joy of Littleton with others. And we’re here to help your voice be heard, especially at public meetings with Littleton leaders. See our handy guides, How to Speak Out in Littleton and “Who’s In Charge of What?” cheat sheet. And check out some videos and speeches by fellow Vibrant neighbors.

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Drop by one of our gatherings

We meet for coffee each week on Friday mornings at 8:00 AM at a cafe in downtown Littleton. We also host occasional “casual mixer” gatherings each quartue, usually at a local beverage joint. We welcome new faces and anyone interested, no experience or special skills required! Click here to get email details our upcoming gatherings.

Tell us about your ideas & interests

We’d love to hear more about YOU, too. Maybe you had an idea for a way to make Littleton a better city? Maybe you just wanted to ask us a question? Whatever the reason, please send us a message any time using our easy Mailchimp contact page. We promise to write back!