Littleton, Colorado City Hall on Berry Street

Have you ever wondered how to get your message to the right person in our City of Littleton government? Wondered how to connect with someone in Littleton’s leadership circles? Vibrant Littleton has this handy cheat sheet to help navigate.

Policy Stuff

The Littleton City Council consists of an elected mayor and six councilmembers (CM’s) who serve four year terms. If you want to raise questions about policy or direction in our city, you should address your concerns to Council.

Mayor Kyle Schlachter
District 1: Patrick Driscoll
District 2: Robert Reichardt
District 3, Mayor Pro Tem: Stephen Barr
District 4: Andrea Peters
At Large: Gretchen Rydin
At Large: Pam Grove

Governance stuff

City Council hires the City Manager and City Attorney, who then hire key department heads such as the Dept of Public Works Director. Our City Manager is the chief executive of the city, responsible for implementing policy and overseeing city staff.

Contact: City Manager Jim Becklenberg,

Roads and Public Safety

Things like sidewalks, potholes, street lights, and anything related to traffic is the realm of Public Works.

Contact: Dept of Public Works Director (email to come)

Legal stuff

All legal and liability concerns should be sent to the City Attorney.

Contact: City Attorney Reid Betzing,

Land Use and Historic Preservation

Authorities, boards, and commissions (ABC’s) provide guidance to the City Council. Some boards have final authority on projects (aka, quasi-judicial): These are the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and Historical Preservation. Other boards are advisory, such as NextGen, Environmental Stewardship, Arts & Culture, Transportation & Mobility, etc. The City’s website maintains a complete listing of all boards.

Planning Commission,
Historic Preservation Board,



City of Littleton
‘City Manager’ power structure

Below is a graphic representation of Littleton’s “city manager” form of government. The City Council has the power to hire and direct the City Manager and City Attorney. The Manager & Attorney then hire and direct their respective staff via departments. Departments implement city policy and manage day-to-day operations and decision making within their area of focus. There are other departments than those listed below, but the four shown below are key for public services. The City of Littleton’s website has a complete list of departments.

Note: the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem of our city council have no special executive power; these roles are primarily for running Council meetings and managing the agenda.

City of Littleton organizational structure

City Council Meetings

Littleton CO City Council MeetingCity Council meets Tuesday nights in City Hall, 2255 W. Berry Avenue (map), at 6:30 pm. Citizens can speak on any topic during the ‘public comment’ portion of regular meetings for up to three minutes. Vibrant Littleton offers you a “How to Speak Out” guide to help you make the most of your public comment. And be sure to review the tentative agenda of all City Council meetings on the City website.