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Below is a sample letter to City Manager Jim Becklenberg, Deputy City Manager Mike Gent, and Mayor Kyle Schlachter. And feel free to add your own words or rewrite. What’s important is to get the message to city leaders that you support a search process that seeks a new Director with experience in and commitment to safer street design for walking, rolling, and biking people. You words to our city leaders make a difference.

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Dear City Manager Becklenberg, Deputy City Manager Gent, and Mayor Schlachter,

I’m a Littleton resident who wants our city streets to be safe, inviting, and comfortable for all of us – especially for people on foot, in a wheelchair, or riding a bike. I’m pleased to see the city launch its “Safer Streets” effort to address safety around schools in the short term. Of course, there is much more to do but it’s good to see this start.

In your upcoming hiring process for Littleton’s next Director of Public Works, I urge you to choose a person with experience in, and a commitment to, street design centered upon safety and comfort for all users of our streets.

It’s critically important that our Public Works Director be an individual that shares this city’s priority about being a place where people on foot, on skates, on bikes, using a walker, in a wheelchair, etc, are valued and equally accommodated in our public right-of-way as much as vehicles.

Thank you!
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