photo of Kylie Duff speaking to Littleton City Council about land use on 8/16/2022Hello I am Kylie Duff. I live at 463 West Easter Avenue. I wanted to speak today and support of the ULUC.

While living in Littleton, my family and I have lived in apartments, rented a single family home, lived in short term rentals and hotels. We need a different options while we have been in between homes at times and options to be close to LPS schools that my four kids attend.

Over the years we’ve found ourselves in many different circumstances, and I wanted to advocate tonight for a Littleton that provides housing options for all people. I wanted to see the option for a living in Littleton to be accessible to people all along that socioeconomic spectrum.

I support the new ULUC and I’m excited about expanding density and our city along the corridors. I hope to see mixed-use developments become more common in our city. And I wanted our ULUC to focus on how we can make locally owned small businesses more viable.

I want to say thank you to local officials who helped update the city’s land use code and make a more walkable, bikable, mixed-use Littleton possible. And where people at any point in their journey can find a place to call home in Littleton. Thank you.

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