I am Pat Cronenberger, District 2, and I wholeheartedly support the Aspen Grove Master Development Plan.

There is no doubt that what is before you fulfills the intent of Littleton’s Comprehensive Plan and our land use code. I was an active participant in the development of both the Comprehensive Plan and the ULUC. What is being proposed for Aspen Grove is appropriate and responsible. I am also on record supporting the original PD amendment from last fall and in opposing the petition effort to reverse that rezone decision.

In addition, it would be my strong preference that there be even more housing than what is proposed here.

Let me tell you why:

First, this project is at a light rail transit station. What better place to build more compact housing options than near a transit station? That’s what smart communities do.

Second, smart communities provide a variety of housing options for future and current citizens.  Not everyone is able to drive a car, not everyone can afford to drive a car and, believe it or not, not everyone wants to drive a car.

I agree with the previous comments by Nick Stevens about the importance of housing near transit and thought he was very eloquent talking about how important developments like Aspen Grove fostering community – something that is important to his future children.

Third, we know from the 2017 housing study and later the update that we are in desperate need of more housing options. It is true, we do need housing that accommodates people with lower- and moderate-income and very low income elderly. As a member of Littleton’s housing authority, South Metro Housing Options, I would love to see more of that here.

However, it leaves me shaking my head when I hear people oppose this project because there is no “affordable” housing.  I believe that affordable housing is being weaponized to oppose a still much needed project.

Finally, this parcel has always been very important to the city’s economic health and vitality. I was a member of the City Council when we approved the original zoning that made Aspen Grove possible. This was a key parcel then and has not ceased to be key to our economic health and vitality. But not just that… this owner and previous owners have developed a culture of being engaged and caring corporate citizens. They sponsor and support numerous major community events. They are a strong and important community partner.

I urge planning commission’s approval of this Master Development Plan.

Watch Pat’s speech to the Plannning Commission on Youtube >