Juniperseed owners Tiffany and Stacey in front of their Littleton CO shop


We (Tiffany and Stacey) have owned Juniperseed Mercantile for many years now, and already had a store in Littleton, at Broadway and Arapahoe, where we make our products in small batches by hand, and ship them all over the world through our website. We hadn’t intended to buy a second location in Downtown Littleton. We had just finished remodeling our home in Englewood! But we had a new puppy and the weather was delightful, so we brought Hank down for some socialization and lunch on Smokin’ Fins’ patio. We saw the new condos being built on Nevada Street, and walked past them a couple of days in a row, and when we noticed the “live-work space” sign in the window, we knew we had to call.

Juniperseed Mercantile logoThe City of Littleton was super helpful in answering my questions about whether or not the first floor space could be used for retail. Of course they thought it was way too small, but it was okay as far as the zoning goes! We went under contract within a week. We’re absolutely in love with our Historic Downtown Littleton Main Street life – living and working here is a dream come true. Our neighbors are like family and our customers are a joy. We’re found outside on the patio most of the time — greeting the neighbors and their dogs on their walks, hosting small workshops and gatherings, or enjoying a glass of wine at dinner with friends and neighbors.

If you see us outside, please stop and say hi!