Animated roadway signThe City of Littleton is currently reviewing and updating the land use codes (ULUC) for the corridor areas of the city, which include Littleton Boulevard, Broadway, and Santa Fe.

Littleton is largely built out, so we are turning to the corridors to be a solution to the desperately needed space. However, this hinges on the City’s zoning framework and other municipality policy decisions that will be made this year.

The corridors are an ideal location for mixed-use developments which provide additional housing options that are located close to stores, services, and transportation options.

They support transit-oriented development (TOD) which creates a more walkable, less car-dependent community as well as bringing some much-needed life to underutilized properties

Flexibility in housing types makes sense for environmental, lifestyle, and financial reasons. They support Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centered around easy access to public transportation.

  • Reduce driving by up to 85% (according to the TOD Institute)
  • Reduce or eliminate required parking for 500 square foot or smaller dwellings located within the core of TOD districts
  • Community character is enhanced by diversity and walkability
  • Create suitable housing for young families, first-time homeowners, those seeking transportation alternatives, workforce
  • Allow for organic expansion through duplication – more housing will build on what we already love about Littleton