graphic of homes near a train that says "Block homes near transit?"
Measure 301 is a citizen-initiated ballot question to repeal a 2021 city council decision which approved an plan update to the Aspen Grove mall to allow homes there. That proposed plan would have allowed up to 2,000 new homes on some underused areas of the existing mall. However, those plans have been superseded because Aspen Grove’s owner submitted a different plan for 481 new homes using the 2022 land use zoning on that location. This revised plan was approved by the Planning Commission and the City Council.

Though Measure 301 will still appear on the November ballot, it is effectively moot because the measure refers to an older proposal which has been superseded.

Vibrant Littleton has been on record advocating for more homes near Littleton transit areas (such as at Aspen Grove mall). We have expressed reservations about this ballot measure as well as the ongoing petition to change our City Charter. In general terms, Vibrant Littleton opposes efforts to circumvent our city’s development or political process, thus we do not support Measure 301 or similar initiatives which attempt to make homes more scarce and more difficult to build.