Quick and easy 1-click emails to send

Here are four easy emails you can send directly to the Littleton City Council. Just click the link below each letter to automatically set up the email. Just add your name at the bottom and send — using your regular email client. Easy and quick!

Dear Councilmember,

There seems to be a lot of fear mongering going on saying that development will wreck our small town feel, or distress us with increased traffic, etc…

But I just want to be a voice that speaks some hope and optimism about these projects. I love that we’re looking to bring more diverse housing options to our community. I love that we’re looking to build near transit and make retail spaces more reflective of our current time… it’s not 1997 anymore. I’m thrilled that we’re looking into an inclusionary housing ordinance, too.

I want to see sustainable growth in our city so that when our kids grow up, they can live here too. I want to see my friends be able to afford a home in this city. I want business owners to be able to hire locally. I want to hear about our schools continuing to grow and thrive because families are able to stay here in Littleton.

To those who say, “We need a moratorium”: I’d like to state that I am one of those citizens and this stance does not speak for me.

So, as a note of encouragement to each of you who are working so hard, I just want to tell you to keep doing what you’re doing, to build and change and grow in a way that honors this city we all love.

Sincerely, ______

Dear Councilmember,

I love seeing Littleton grow and get better. I’m a fan of our Envision Littleton process, which took place over several years and solicited input from hundreds of residents. The new Comprehensive Plan and Unified Land Use Code are much better than the old, complicated 1976 code. I support the direction Envision Littleton has set for walkable, bikeable, vital neighborhoods with a mix of housing types and more mixed-use buildings. Adding more homes along our major corridors while managing growth in older neighborhoods is the right approach.

Thank you for standing up for Envision Littleton!
Sincerely,  ____________

Dear Councilmember,

I support expanding the number of homes available in Littleton. We’re a wonderful community with ample access to open space, vibrant commercial areas, and good transit. I welcome more neighbors in my community yet it’s clear that finding a place to live here is a challenge. There aren’t many homes on the market nor listed for rent. And what few are available are expensive and getting more expensive every year. I want Littleton to be a place where people of different incomes and abilities can find a home.

So I support your work on adding more affordable homes in Littleton through incentives like an Inclusionary Housing Ordinance. And I support allowing smaller homes like cottage courts, apartments, and some mid-rise buildings along the major corridors to increase the amount of homes available to people who can’t afford or don’t need a big single family home.

Thank you, _________