In the wake of two killings on Littleton streets this past month, Vibrant Littleton and Littleton Social Cycle today announced a rally scheduled for Saturday, October 28, 1:00 PM, on the lawn in front of Littleton Public Schools headquarters to call for fundamental changes to community policy about road design and safety.
Littleton Social Cycle

Bike riders of all ages will meet up on the lawn at 5776 Crocker St, Littleton, CO, to lay down their bikes to make the case that the City of Littleton needs our elected leaders to prioritize safer street design – around schools and across the entire city.

“The two recent deaths of people walking and bike riding on Littleton city streets this past month are unacceptable,” says Josie Haggerty, co-founder of Littleton Social Cycle. “Our streets need leaders to prioritize safety for all of us, not just car drivers and their convenience.”

“We’re insisting that local leaders — from the Littleton City Council and LPS administration on down — better articulate their priorities for safer streets for people walking and biking,” says Phillip McCart, member of Vibrant Littleton. “Council must make it clear that we can no longer, with good conscience, give priority to cars. Cities are for people and not for cars.”

Rally attendees will speak about how recent roadway deaths are the result of a flawed system-wide approach to street safety — not to be blamed on individual mistakes. Rally-goers are encouraged to bring their bikes, scooters, & strollers and to lay them down on the lawn in solidarity.