My name is Nicholas Stevens and I’m a resident of District 4. I’m a homeowner in the Southpark neighborhood across Santa Fe from Aspen Grove and I’m here in favor of the plans put forth for three reasons. First, we are in a housing crisis, second, housing near transit is the best housing we can build and finally we need to secure Aspen Grove as a solid source of income tax.

We’re are in a housing crisis and we need more housing. I moved to Southpark because it was one of the few places I could buy a townhome in the area. Single-family homes are expensive to buy and maintain. We need more apartments, duplexes and townhomes in Denver to support those who can’t afford or don’t want to pay for single-family homes. Aspen Grove is a great location to add more apartments to Littleton’s housing mix, especially in this area which is dominated by single-family homes.

Housing near transit is the best housing we can build. Aspen Grove is adjacent to light rail and bike trails. It’s an ideal location for housing for those like myself who wish to reduce their use of cars. Further adding to the affordability of housing is Aspen Grove’s proximity to the light rail line and South Platte bike Trails. I moved to Southpark because it is so close to the light rail and I know there are many others, such as myself, who wish to save money and greenhouse gas emissions by taking public transit and biking. The community has invested a lot of money in light rail and the best way to support its use is by adding housing right next to it.

Sales Taxes
We need to protect Aspen Grove as a significant source of income tax for the city. Strip malls across the nation are facing challenges as brick and mortar loses out to online sales. Mixed use spaces are more resilient to these changes because they provide a built-in community of customers. Our city needs this development to protect Aspen Grove as a source of sales tax revenue.

In closing, I’d like to say that there are many social and economic reasons to support this development, but my reasoning goes beyond that. My wife and I are currently preparing our home to begin hosting foster children. As I think about these children growing older, I want them to have opportunities to engage in community and be with friends in safety.

Mixed use areas come built-in with community. I look forward to taking my children to such a place to build memories of ice cream and games. When they become teenagers, I relax at the idea of being able to give them someplace to walk to instead of having to drive them around the city in a car. I’m excited that they’ll have community spaces for being with friends. I imagine them getting their first summer job there. I’m excited that not only I but hundreds of residents will also be able call this area their home for the first time.I’m grateful to the developer for being willing to invest in this kind of future for Littleton and thank you commissioners for considering such a future.

Please vote yes tonight.

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