Below is a sample letter to all Littleton City Councilmembers about their upcoming August 2024 approval of the longterm plan for downtown, called “Project Downtown.” Please feel free to add your own words or rewrite. What’s important is to get the message to city leaders that you expect any adopted downtown plan to include safer street design for walking, rolling, and biking people — on all streets in the plan area. Some of the plans lack safe bike lanes altogether and Council must not approve plans that leave out pathways for people on skates, bikes, microscooters, or powerchairs.

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Dear Councilmember,

I’m a Littleton resident very interested in safer streets for walking and rolling. I would like a Littleton where people on foot, on skates, on bikes, using a walker, in a wheelchair, etc, are valued and accommodated in the public right-of-way as much as motor vehicles.

I’m concerned that some plans for redesigning our downtown core, called Project Downtown, lack defined safe and comfortable routes for people riding bicycles. When public money is to be used to design and build streets, I firmly believe that those streets should accommodate all the ways people move about our community.

This summer, when you adopt the final plan for Project Downtown, please make sure that plan includes safe bicycle access to all plan area streets where we shop, dine, see a play, or enjoy the wonderful historic downtown vibe. Any plan for downtown Littleton’s future that shunts safe bike routes off to side streets or only along the Little’s Creek trail – while providing car travel lanes on every downtown street — is not a fair nor good plan. All our streets should be complete streets, inclusive of safe passage for all people who use that street.

Thank you!
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