Matt Duff speaks at Littleton City Council on 8/16/2022 in favor of density like our old downtownI’m Matthew Duff and I wanted to stand up today in support of the ULUC. And one of the things I love about this is that, unlike previous zoning codes and a lot of zoning codes around the country, it isn’t a kind of set it and forget it. And I love this is a living document that we have, where we’re going to continue to find things that need to be improved in it.

And I was here during that one of the study sessions last year when they’re reviewing the ULUC (and in Counselor a lot of times), people would say, “You know, I’m not really sure about this. And there was a specific topic at hand. And I appreciated that because you all cannot be experts on everything.

I feel like this living document gives you the opportunity to say, “I’m not sure.” Let’s get it directionally correct And then let’s make improvements as we go in an iterative process, and I think that’s an incredibly healthy way for us to move the town forward.

I think specifically about the ULUC that the most effective way for us to enable families to have their kids be able to move here and settle down here and so can you continue enjoying the neighborhoods that we all love in the city that we all love is to add infill developments. To have additional density around the corridors.

A lot of the small town feel that we love is in some of the most dense parts of our town. If you think of Main Street and other parts that are a very dense part of town, it has such incredible character and people come from far away to come spend time there and I would love to see that expand that type of development. Expand it all around the corridors.

And if we don’t build more developments, and specifically infill developments that are more environmentally sustainable, then we’re removing green space by expanding and sprawling out further into the into the undeveloped parts of our town. Then we’ll become more like California with skyrocketing costs because they simply do not build enough housing to meet demand.

A small town feel doesn’t necessarily equate to “no density.” Small towns are often like the old Main street style that many of us love. With often people living closer to together. Densely, like main street or old town Littleton and enjoying all of the different benefits that that provides.

So again, I want to thank you all for your continued work on this update with staff and the council. I really love the direction of this is going. Thank you.

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