Your voice matters. And speaking out can be fun!

The City of Littleton makes it easy to share your thoughts with our city council, commissions, and boards. Any citizen may speak at any regular meeting during during the “Public Comment” portion of the meeting. Citizens can address the city council (or a board) for up to three minutes. You can speak on any topic you wish — your comment doesn’t have to relate to an agenda item. Each citizen is also allowed three minutes to comment on each specific agenda item (just before that agenda item is discussed by city council or board).

photo of Littleton CO City Hall front entry


Come to City Council chambers — located at Littleton City Hall, 2255 W Berry Ave, Littleton, CO 80120  [see on Google Map]. Enter through the main entrance then follow signs for “Council Chambers” on the first floor.


Most council and board meetings start at 6:30 PM. Check the calendar for upcoming meeting times, agendas, and particular boards. Note: No comments are allowed during “Study Session’ type meetings, so be sure it’s a regular public meeting.


All council and board meetings are listed on the City Calendar. However, you can speak on any topic during Public Comment so don’t feel obliged to find your topic on the agenda. Just come share your thoughts at any regular meeting.


When you arrive at Council Chambers, look for a sign-in sheet at the table near the door. Just add your name to the sign-in sheet. You’re all set. Your name will be called to come to the speaker’s podium when it’s your turn to speak.

  • Public comments are taken in order of sign-in sheet, so we recommend arriving early to get your name on the top of that sheet. That way, you’ll be able to get in and out of the meeting in short order (often in 30-45 minutes).
  • It’s helpful to prepare your comments in advance, even if it’s just a few bullet points.
  • Remember, you’re speaking about what matters to you — no one expects you to be Cicero or Shakespeare. Share your thoughts and perspective however feels best.
  • Three minutes goes by very quickly, so it can help if you do a practice run of your comments before the meeting.

Show me what public comments look like in real life

Check out some Youtube videos of fellow Vibrant Littleton neighbors speaking during public comment. You can even read their speeches and get ideas for your own comments. Easy!


Vibrant Littleton is here to help

Vibrant Littleton has some volunteer advisors ready to help you speak for yourself to city officials. Please feel welcome to contact us, share your draft comments, or just ask advice on anything related to speaking out in Littleton. We’re here to help!