woman riding bike with smile on a protected bikelane at sidewalk grade


Dear City Manager Becklenburg and Public Works Director Riester,

Vibrant Littleton would like to express our enthusiastic support of the bikeway improvements planned at Jackass Hill Road & Mineral Avenue. By building superior places to cycle, we’re also building a superior place to live. When Littleton transitions space reserved for cars to walking and bike-riding space, we gain safer mobility options that are less expensive to maintain. A true win/win for our community.

And we’re excited about further walking, rolling, and biking improvements at Prince/Santa Fe and Prince/Church. Kudos to the City and our Department of Public Works team who are bringing these upgrades to our streets.

Vibrant Littleton Street Design Priorities

As the City of Littleton moves forward with improving our streets, sidewalks, and bikeways, here are six things we’d like our city to prioritize:

  • Create protected bike lanes at grade with sidewalks (ie, do not place vulnerable rolling users with car lanes)
  • Shorten crosswalks with bulb-outs at every corner
  • Program “leading pedestrian intervals” at all signalized intersections
  • Remove slip lanes and center turn-lanes
  • Eliminate pedestrian call buttons (provide “Walk symbol during green light phases automatically)
  • Minimize street corner radii to the maximum extent possible

Invite Us

Vibrant Littleton would welcome opportunities to give feedback on street design schematics in addition to the visioning process (such as the ‘Broadway Corridor Study’). Details are so important to get right in our street design. We would welcome participation in the later stage of infrastructure plans, so please invite us when specific road and hardscape designs are being drafted.


Vibrant Littleton