Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve been here.

Just for context, I am on the housing task force. I also own a small business here in Littleton where I contract out a lot work to local residents. I live Louthan street.

I wanted to make sure I showed up tonight after I received an email about putting a moratorium on development in Littleton that will quote, “impact Aspen Grove, Littleton Village, Columbine Square, the Santa Fe Corridor and Littleton Boulevard.”

There seems to be a lot of fear mongering going on saying that development will wreck our small town feel, or distress us with increased traffic, etc etc… But I just want to be a voice that speaks some hope and optimism about these projects. I love that we’re looking to bring more diverse housing options to our community. I love that we’re looking to build near transit and make retail spaces more reflective of our current time… it’s not 1997 anymore. I am thrilled that we’re looking into the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance.

I want to see sustainable growth in our city so that when my baby is big enough, he can live here too. I want to see my friends be able afford this city. I want my business owner friends be able to hire locally. I want to hear about our schools continuing to grow and thrive because families are able to stay.

This email I received also said, “The City has a long way to go with the ULUC in order to make it usable for citizens. As a result, we need a moratorium.” I’d like to state that I am one of those citizens and this email does not speak for me.

So, as a note of encouragement to each of you who are working so hard, I just want to tell you to keep doing what you’re doing, to build and change and grow in a way that honors this city we all love.

Watch Emily’s speech to City Council on Youtube >