Dear Littleton City Councilmembers,

Vibrant Littleton endorses the staff recommendation as stated in the August 22, 2023, Council Study Session about Geneva Village:

Proceed with plan to redevelop property to meet goals for more housing and integration with Project Downtown with the following principles: 

–  Support the northern gateway emphasis
–  Majority-affordable residential use
–  Incorporation of Eugene Sternberg historic design principles
–  Integration of rental and for-sale in the gateway
–  Expanding community and downtown amenities through mixed-use
–  Partnership with Private Owners and LDDA 

As the City owns the property, it is in total control of redevelopment that will further fulfill the City’s Vision and Guiding Principles as well as specific goals stated in Envision Littleton. The staff recommendation offers the most opportunities to accomplish:

  • More housing options for people from a wide range of age groups and income levels
  • Homes that connect people to the community, resources and mobility choices
  • Enhanced revenue with mixed-use development
  • Creation of ‘a sense of place’ to our historic downtown by creating a gateway in the  Prince Street corridor
  • Incorporating historic Eugene Sternberg design principles which will further the unique character of this redevelopment

The Geneva Village property has been in limbo for far too many years instead of serving our community in the greatest way possible. Vibrant Littleton believes that now is the time to act and we urge City Council to proceed with redevelopment options as indicated in the August 22 staff presentation.

Thank you,

Vibrant Littleton