Yes to homes near shops


Aspen Grove is seeking to be redeveloped to include residences with its retail. This is a huge opportunity to bring some fresh, sustainable housing options to our city.

We love the idea of mixing residences with retail. It’s going to be a great place to live. People can walk to shops, get coffee, enjoy events, and it’s a quick stroll to a transit station, bikeway, and river.

We like that the applicant’s plan creates a real “place.” The developer’s sketches show trees, wide sidewalks, public spaces, and homes filling what’s currently just a sea of asphalt. This has the making of a true town square community.

We like that we’re expanding housing options. The ever-rising cost of rent (and homes) in Littleton is people telling us they want more built. That’s literally what price is. We like that we’re doing something to lower that cost by building more housing.

We like that this plan addresses climate change in a good way. When we put lots of homes close to existing transit and bikeways, that means less car driving. And fewer car trips means less air pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We see apartments built out along C-470, with nothing around them. That means those neighbors have to burn gasoline to do everything. In contrast, residences at Aspen Grove are the kind of home building that protects our environment.

We like that Littleton has a mix of home types. It’s nice that we have single-family homes, big ranches, townhouses with patios, AND apartments. We like living in a city that doesn’t dictate that everyone lives in the same kind of dwelling. Littleton’s vibrancy is built from our wonderful mix of housing types.

We know these new residences will be much loved by the hundreds of neighbors who choose to make a home there. It is exciting to see developers willing to invest in Littleton for the same reasons we, as residents, think it’s great. We believe that housing at Aspen Grove is great for residents and businesses and we look forward to working with City Council, Planning Council, and the mall owner to design a space that is an affordable, sustainable and vibrant addition to Littleton.

Our vote is Yes to this housing and Yes to more neighbors near transit.