Drawing of five housing types, rotatingUpdated zoning and land use codes will help support a diversity of housing options.

Outdated zoning codes make it nearly impossible to build all kinds of houses in many places. We want to make sure as these codes are updated so that it’s easier to build a variety of housing types throughout our city.

When we say “more housing” this is what we mean:

  • Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) – such as an apartment over the garage, a tiny house in the backyard, or basement apartment. ADUs are great additional spaces for family, visitors, or renters.
  • Duplexes – allowing single-family homes to be converted or built new
  • Townhomes with small yards and outdoor spaces
  • Medium-density mixed-use developments along busy corridors
  • Housing options for older adults wanting to downsize

Vibrant Littleton is wildly inspired by the work that Opticos is doing on highlighting the importance of the “missing middle” – a way to describe more than just single-family homes and apartment buildings, but the “middle” options. See the graphic below to get an idea of the types of housing options Littleton could consider: